Key Themes

Engage. Influence. Retain.

Sport is changing. Fans are changing. Digital and technological innovations have interrupted traditional communication channels and redirected
revenue streams. So The Brand Conference is changing, too. This year, we’re proud to be launching the SportsPro Fan Conference, taking a new
look at the trends affecting sports marketing and sponsorship through the most important relationship the industry will ever have: the one with its fans.

Bringing together the biggest names and the most creative thinkers in the business, the Fan Conference will examine a whole range of
ways in which changing behaviour and emerging opportunities are reshaping this sector: taking in everything from leveraging social media
measurement to curating fan and influencer generated content.

We’ll be asking where you find new fans, and how you make the most of your conversation with the ones you already have.


Sponsorship disruption

The evolution of sponsorship in an age of engagement

The social generation

How fans are disrupting traditional sports media

Influencer-generated content

The power of compelling storytelling

Reimagining the fan experience

Digital transformation efforts and the future of fan engagement.

Data Driven Results

The key to leveraging technology to optimise assets and ROI

Sponsorship in esports

Why brands are seizing the esports opportunity

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